A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported us during the Kickstarter campaign.

Today, we're here to celebrate life and welcome a baby Blaster Boards into the world! The support that all of you showed me in the final 33 days of my product development pregnancy was amazing, and I cannot be more grateful.

As a special thank you, I would like to share some highly personal photos of the product development process. Normally I'd be embarrassed... but you're family now!

How Do you Conceive of a Product
How do you make a new product
How are toys created
How long does it take to launch a product
Product pregnancy
New product development process
Product development process

Now it's going to take a village to raise this product baby. No need to bring over a casserole, but if you could review us on Amazon (regardless of where/when you purchased), that'd be the biggest help we could ask for.

Thanks again for all of the help and support!