PRE-ORDER: 20 Bunker Packs

PRE-ORDER: 20 Bunker Packs

999.00 1,200.00

Blaster Boards are set to revolutionize the world of NERF. Order now and receive them in January 2018.

Twenty Bunker Packs include: 

440 Building Boards (8" x 8" panels)
40 Blaster Boards (reactive spinning targets)
440 Connectors (reinforce and lock in angles)

With just one pack you can build over 200 sq ft of protection for use in your NERF wars. Build the bunker that best fits your terrain, whether that's a tunnel for sniper fire coverage, a wall for squatting behind, a high tower to protect against long range shots, or some shields you and your friends can run around with. 

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