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Blaster Boards is Youtube Famous!

One channel that has been especially welcoming has been Youtube. We not only are growing our own channel, but we've now gotten to work with some of the biggest names in the Nerf Youtube world. These are really great people who work hard and play hard. It may look like all fun and games to play with Nerf stuff all day but they are all putting in A LOT of time and effort to provide people with entertaining videos. We certainly appreciate it. 

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And We're Already 119% Funded After Just A Few Days!

Thank you so much everyone! We are thrilled to see that our new Kickstarter toy is off to the races! We were pretty nervous about crowdfunding to be honest, but now we see that it's really an awesome way to get people involved early on in the process and to really engage and interact with our backers. The amount of feedback we've gotten already has been awesome! 

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