The Slooooow truck from Chicago...

Happy New Year everyone! 2018 is here and we’re sooo close to getting you something for your Nerf blaster to fire upon. Let me give you the latest news.  

The final production went smoothly and we tested, measured, and checked a ton of the parts as they came off the line. No potential issue was too small to log; see if you can spot the defects in the below photo.  

Very Safe Toy

Overall we were very happy with the first production run; our manufacturing partner was fantastic. Your Blaster Boards had finally been produced!  

Product Shipping Process

In December, the whole shipment left the factory and took the slow boat to Long Beach, California. Clearing customs like a champ, the 40’ container then took the slow rail to Chicago, on route to the warehouse in Indiana. And Chicago is where it sat, and sat, and sat… and still sits. It was stated to be delivered on Dec. 29th and we just got word today that it could be up another two weeks until the delivery actually happens. Two weeks to go less than 100 miles? What are you pulling it on, an arthritic turtle that uses Apple Maps!? The shipping company hasn’t dignified that question with an answer yet, but I’m guessing this figurative shipping freeze has a lot to do with the literal freeze the Midwest is having. If any of you have a semi-truck in the Chicago area that isn’t covered in ice, hit me up.  

So anyway, that’s where we’re at. Excruciatingly close. Things were supposed to get better now that 2017 is history. 2018, you’re on notice! We’ll update you again as soon as we start shipping out; we’re excited and crossing our fingers for warmer weather.