Spinning Nerf Targets!

Your Nerf battles are about to get more extreme!

Introducing Blaster Boards - a revolutionary new way to play with Nerf blasters! Build a modular defense system or test your accuracy with our targets. 


Blaster Boards configure into hundreds of combinations - Castles, bunkers, tunnels, and even battle armor!


Targets spin when they're hit, letting you know when your blaster skills are on target!

strategy icon.png

Add strategy to your Nerf wars – great for Capture the Flag and Siege the Fort formats. Defense wins the game! 

Great for indoor or outdoor use. Highly durable and easily cleaned. Works with water guns too!

Soon, the bunker you’re behind will matter as much as the blaster in your hand.
— August Graube, Inventor of Blaster Boards

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