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Nerf attack the castle



What is the age range for Blaster Boards?

Blaster Boards are made for 6 and up, but they grow with you. Age 6-8 usually build boxy structures, and age 8 and up build more complex bunkers and structures with a variety of angles. They’re perfectly safe for kids that are younger than 6, but parents may have to help them build.

Will it hold up to the wind?

Yes, you can build any bunker to withstand wind! We recommend building bunkers for “strength” as shown in the build directions webpage.

How much room will this take up in my house?

While Blaster Boards builds big, all the parts nest together for compact storage between uses. One pack will make a stack of Boards that is less than 10 inches tall (and 8 inches by 8 inches wide).

How do you use Blaster Boards?

Each pack comes with graphic directions showing how easy it is to make different angles (30, 45, 90 and 180 degree connections). Those included directions also come with directions on how to build a bunker, but you can view or print out many different bunker directions here! Scroll to the bottom of the build page for more how-to videos (like how to build reactive targets).

How big are Blaster Boards?

Both the building board parts and the spinning reactive target parts are 8 inches by 8 inches. One pack will build you over 10 square feet of defensive surface area. For instance, this bunker building example is 4 feet tall in the front and wraps around each side for good cover.

Can you use Blaster Boards outside?

Yes! Inside, outside, in your pool, in space… wherever! We just wouldn’t recommend leaving them outside for the whole winter, but go ahead and give them some abuse; they’re designed for it!

How big/heavy are the boxes that Blaster Boards ships in?

Each pack weighs 6 lbs and ships in a box that is 17.5” x 5” x 10.5”.

What are Blaster Boards made out of?

Shatter-resistant, non-toxic, injection molded polypropylene. Translated to non-nerd speak: Really durable and safe plastic.

Nerf sniper from roof



If I order today, when will I get them?

We ship via FedEx Smartpost which usually delivers within 2-7 business days (depending on how close you are to our warehouse in Indiana). Need it faster? We recommend purchasing on Amazon where Prime members can get expedited 2-day shipping.

I live in Micronesia. Yes, it's a country. Do you ship there?

Yes, but you’ll have to order through And prepare yourself; they charge a ton (a metric ton) for international shipping. Click here to order from Amazon.

A metric ton. Get it? Because you’re probably on the metric system! Get it? ….. ah, nobody gets my humor.

Nerf Bunker big enough for two kids


How safe are Blaster Boards?

Really safe! They’re even safer if you follow the below advice:

  • Don’t stage dive on your bunkers. We all love seeing something explode apart, but we recommend taking apart your bunkers, piece by piece. As fun as it is to push over your forts, it can sometimes stretch the parts, making them looser and giving you floppy forts in the future. No one wants floppy forts!

  • Don’t throw any parts at people’s eyes. Duh!

  • Don’t stand or put weight on your built structures (above ground level). For your safety, the parts are designed to pop apart (instead of break) if too much weight/stress is put on them.

Nerf shoot-out



Building bunkers aren’t for you? No worries, you can get more info on our return policies here.

I just built an amazing bunker… and I want to show off my genius!

We love seeing your build examples! Send your photos to or tag your photos with #BlasterBoards to prove your genius.

Will you sponsor my YouTube channel?

We’d love to sponsor your YouTube channel… unfortunately we get this question a lot and can only afford to give samples to the huge channels. But even if your channel has under 100,000 subscribers, we’d love to check out your channel; please send us a link!

Shooting Nerf from a roof