4 Bunker Packs

4 Bunker Packs


Blaster Boards are set to revolutionize the world of NERF. Order here or order on Amazon!

Four Bunker Packs include: 

88 Building Boards (8" x 8" panels)
8 Blaster Boards (reactive spinning targets)
88 Connectors (reinforce and lock in angles)


  • Builds enormous battle bunkers and reactive targets to elevate your Nerf battles to the next level.
  • Everything you need for precision target practice or defensive battle bunkers.
  • Builds over 40 square feet of bunker surface area!
  • Build dozens of knock-down targets or huge target towers!
  • Packs down small for easy transportation and storage between battles.

Build huge battle bunkers to make your next Nerf war epic! Nearly limitless bunker variations can be built so that you can optimize for your defensive strategy and the terrain.

Build for strength or build for size; what kind of battle bunker do you need? Will you build a large defensive castle or a bunker with a roof? Build to withstand the wind or build to protect your whole team! A good defense is a good offense with Blaster Boards!

Hone your Nerf skills by setting up the reactive targets. Build knock-down (plate) targets and fire at the reactive targets that spin when hit!

Blaster Boards snap together easily and are made with durable plastic. Designed to be easily transported, all of the parts stack compactly together and can be used inside or outside. Build, battle, take-down, and build again.

Build your own custom battle bunker with Blaster Boards! The building options are nearly limitless and all parts are made to last. Set up reactive targets to practice your Nerf skills and create fun games with Blaster Boards!

These open-ended building sets have won eight design awards and have proved endlessly entertaining for tons of kids and adults alike. If you have a Nerf blaster, you need Blaster Boards!

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