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Your kids (ages 6 & up) will build their own entertainment with the Blaster Boards 2 Pack. It can build all sorts of targets and bunkers for endless Nerf play options. At the end of the day, all of the parts stack together for compact storage. Safe, durable, and fun; your kids are going to love building with Blaster Boards.


44 Boards (8 inches x 8 inches), 4 Reactive Targets, & 44 Connectors.


20 square feet of surface area can build many different forts more than 5 ft tall.


Dimensions: 17.2 inches (Length) x 10 inches (Width) x 10.5 inches (Height)

Weight: 12 lbs


Impact resistant polymer

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July 14, 2018

My son is a builder. He loves to build and he loves forts. He even built himself a chair with the boards and they are strong enough to hold him.



June 8, 2018

Grandson loved this gift and can't wait for Christmas since he wants more!

-Cynthia L. Owens


April 4, 2018

Yes! Prefect product for the kids who loves to build, design (Lego) & have dart/laser (Nerf) wars!
I purchase this set for my son's 11th bday at his request. (Think he saw something on YouTube.) He, his 8yr. old sister & 12 year old buddy haven't stopped playing with the set. In fact, I have ordered 3 additional packs, 2 for my kids & 1 for a gift. Please, Please make more available. I see stock is getting low. I also purchased the Design Cards that add texture to the bunkers. (I see they aren't available anymore but my kids want more!) They like Metal, Wood then Stone in order of preference. After a quick Google search, I found Fort Boards which seems to be the fort building brother company to Battle Bunkers. Those sites should be linked - my daughter is begging for the aqua blue Fort Boards in hopes that they are compatible to Battle Bunkers. This is a really great product, easy to use (I haven't had to yet - so win!) and seems durable (our 3 cats are taking jumping all over the bunkers chasing lasers). I would have totally backed this on Kickstarter had I known about it! Also, kids are planning their water gun bunkers when weather warms up.

-H. B. Petersen


June 25, 2018

My son had a great time building is fort and even more fun defending it. Lots of pieces enough for two small forts or one large one.

-Ana S.


May 24, 2018

My son is 10 and loves nerf. These are really cool and easy to set up.



February 28, 2018

My son and his friends are nerf-battle obsessed. They were always building their own bunkers and obstacle courses to make it more fun - these boards make it so much easier for them to battle! They are still as creative - they even made the suit of armor (picture) for one of them to wear into the enemy zone to win a battle! They love coming up with new ideas, and spreading out different areas in the yard to make battle grounds. Plus, if my son is alone and bored, he can set one up and do target practice - which is far better than him shooting me or his little brother! These are durable, easy for kids to figure out on their own, and won’t be ruined when they forget to bring them in for the night. We will be buying more!

-D. Denise


May 13, 2018

The product seems sturdy and like it will last. My boys enjoyed the concept but the supports were a little difficult for them to snap together on their own. In all I think this will be a fun toy to use and I love the creativity to build something unique each time.

-Rachel A.


March 23, 2018

These are wicked fun! The company is excellent to work with also <3 My guys have found some unconventional ways to play with them also!

-Tina Owens