Our Nerf Forts are YouTube Famous!

One of the awesome parts about running the Blaster Boards Kickstarter campaign has been getting so connected with the Nerf community. We've had Nerf arena owners reach out to us, Nerf modders, reviewers, and even celebrities. It's been really great.

One channel that has been especially welcoming has been Youtube. We not only are growing our own channel, but we've now gotten to work with some of the biggest names in the Nerf Youtube world. These are really great people who work hard and play hard. It may look like all fun and games to play with Nerf stuff all day but they are all putting in A LOT of time and effort to provide people with entertaining videos. We certainly appreciate it.

We were super lucky to have hooked up with Frank of the popular Youtube channel, COOP772. He's not only really friendly, entertaining, and an incredible builder, but he also has had really helpful feedback on Blaster Boards that we've considered in our design phase. Check out his tacti-cool Nerf fort here: 

The folks over at Battle Universe first reached out to us on our Instagram account but they got some Blaster Boards for their awesome Youtube channel where they are constantly having Nerf battles in creative environments. They thought Blaster Boards would be perfect for their needs and after watching the video, I think they just might be!

Another big time Nerfer that we got connected with was Lord Draconical. This guy is well renowned for his skills with Nerf mods. He has done some really incredible modifications for blasters and his channel is full of reviews, modifications, and Nerf wars. He got some Blaster Boards and built a Nerf fort of his own. It's great to see how each person builds their fort up differently. That is all part of the fun of Blaster Boards! Check out his Nerf bunker video here:

Another great Nerfer we've gotten to know is Chris, AKA Jangular. He was one of the first to start asking serious questions about Blaster Boards and how well it would work for his specific use of a 5 on 5 Nerf war. Throughout the process he's been very honest with his feedback and putting the Blaster Boards through all of the tests. He wanted to know how well a Blaster Boards bunker would do in high winds, how fast it could be built, how strong the barrier is, etc. We've answered his questions and he's also done testing on his own. Check out his review here:

One dangerous thing that maybe you should have been warned about at the start of this post is that you can easily lose track of time while watching Nerf videos on Youtube. You'll have to make sure you don't lose a whole day and make time to go out and have a Nerf war. It's easy to get caught up in the community of foam flingers and we've found that that really isn't a bad thing at all.

One last thing, if we're going to be sharing Youtube videos, it's probably a great time to add our Blaster Boards video! Share it with friends!