Fort building for... tradeshow booths?

We've had some fun fort building in the past, but building tradeshow booths out of Blaster Boards (and our sister brand, Fort Boards), is a whole different challenge!

It was really fun planning the playful design of our ASTRA tradeshow booth; I called it the strongman booth! 

Planning a tradeshow booth made from toys

As fun as it was to plan, it was even more fun in person. It was nearly 8 feet tall!

Fort building a tradeshow booth

Here's a video of it being built!


And check out what we planned for Toy Fair in NYC.

Castle tradeshow booth planning

Castle built out of fort building toys

A 7 foot tall castle tradeshow booth with integrated lighting, wiring, storage and interactives (little Minecraft creepers). 

Castle tradeshow booth built out of toys.

Check out the video of it being built!