And We're Already 119% Funded After Just A Few Days!

Thank you so much everyone! We are thrilled to see that our new Kickstarter toy is off to the races! We were pretty nervous about crowdfunding to be honest, but now we see that it's really an awesome way to get people involved early on in the process and to really engage and interact with our backers. The amount of feedback we've gotten already has been awesome!

Nerf forts 100% funded on kickstarter in just a few days

What we can see now is that we've got something here that people want. We've heard from Nerf arena owners and Nerf war enthusiasts that they've wanted a better way to make Nerf bunkers and barricades. They've wanted better Nerf targets too and they love the Blaster Boards reactive targets. We've heard from so many that agree that their Nerf wars are going to get so much more epic now!

We're really looking forward to continuing this process. We want to go from "that cool Kickstarter toy" to something that anyone who'd into Nerf knows about. We want to be the peanut butter to the Nerf Stryfe jelly. The peas to the Nerf Rival Zeus's carrots. The macaroni to the Nerf Jolt's cheese.

Thank you all for following along on our journey. Stay tuned for so much more!