Biggest Nerf Bunker Ever


Our goal is to create products that aren't disposable. Built for abuse and designed to remain engaging for years, we hope Blaster Boards gets handed down from sibling to sibling. Whether it's designing new bunkers, forts or targets, you'll always find new things to do with Blaster Boards. 

Besides our product, we take great pride in our customer service. Please let us know if you have any questions or issues. Contact us at:


Hi, I'm August! As a kid I would spend hours building forts and collecting pine cones as ammo in preparation for the zombie attack... that never happened. Now, as a big kid, I'm excited to launch a brand new product that is great for zombie attacks (maybe) and awesome for NERF battles.

I can't wait to see what unique structures you build with Blaster Boards; you can show off your builds by tagging your photos with: #BlasterBoards

Nerf wars with Blaster Boards.